An open map work of interactive fiction by Nick Petrou (the website links in the game no longer work).

in the living room is an open map work of interactive fiction which takes inspiration from the act (clue) and agenda mechanics of Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Without spoiling in the living room too much, you progress the story by gaining insight inspecting things in a room (such as the living room) and spending insight opening other rooms (such as the kitchen or the bathroom). You gain insight when the POV character learns something new about his predicament and how it came to be. Generally, if you're fumbling or backtracking — essentially if you're moving without gaining or spending insight — your insanity will increase, until the POV character breaks. 

in the living room runs in the browser on mobile devices. You can review in the living room here or on its Interactive Fiction Database page.

Current version
Version 1.01 (31.05.2020)

Known issues
- "Flicker" (fade-in-out) text effect stopping.

© 2020 Nicholas Stephen Petrou. All rights reserved.

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